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Behind the Scenes

On Monday this week we had our fire alarm service, this had been delayed a few months, but I felt it was critical it took place.  It was planned with military precision, the engineer had a precise time he had to arrive, I was with him at all times cleaning behind him (he was in full PPE), the residents were shielded away from him.  The residents were moved into the garden for his arrival. When he had left I went into the garden, to find a calm oasis of smiling faces, which turned into an impromptu dancing event.  Clapping, cheering, laughing.  The birds were singing, the flowers were in bloom.    Later on we had a story telling game, all the residents adding bits to the story.  In the other lounge the residents were watching family videos of great grandchildren racing around and singing.    The residents are fine, happy and safely cocooned, we continue to keep smiling behind the masks and do everything in our power to keep everyone safe. Last week I had a week away from LTC.    

What I am most proud of

It is Friday evening, and I am reflecting on what has been a challenging week. Challenging in terms of guidance, PPE issues, testing.  But after a longish walk I have reflected on what is really important and what I am proud of about our home. Anyone who has read my blog up until now will, I hope, understand my frustrations about inconsistent guidelines which have been produced for care homes with a lack of understanding of the challenges.  I will continue to try to educate and ensure that care home residents, staff, and their families have a voice. But this entry is all about what I am proud of in our care home. 1.  I am obviously proud that we have kept our residents and staff safe and that we have remained Covid free. 2.  I am proud that every day I go to the home it is filled with smiles and laughter -both residents and staff. 3.  I am proud that our residents have been protected from every challenge that the "outside world" has experienced in the last three mon

OUTRAGEOUS - Facemasks - Now recalled....

I have written a lot about facemasks and particularly the impact of them on those living with Dementia. Today I have different concerns, I don't know my next steps in this regard.  But I need to write this down somewhere. At the start of the pandemic everyone is aware that there were issues with  PPE supply chains.  The "National Supply Disruption Resolution team" which, I believe, came under the NHS dispatched 300 Type 11R fluid repellant facemasks.  We were encouraged to buy future supplies from Government approved suppliers.  I bought over 1800 additional masks from Countrywide Health - an approved supplier. At the end of April we noticed that the nasal strip on the facemasks was failing and particles were getting up our nose and in our mouth.  On close inspection, ALL of the boxes had a sticker over the best before date extended the 2016 expiry date to 2021. On 3rd May I called the CCG and NHS PPE team, expressing concern about the extended expiry dates and th