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Written by one of our carers....

Real stories Working in a care home during coronavirus: ‘We’re keeping our residents safe and busy’ Blog Ellie is a care home worker and has been providing crucial support for their residents, including people living with dementia. Ellie hopes that sharing her experience will reassure people who are unable to visit their loved ones in care while there are visiting restrictions in place. 17 September 2020 long read 1 comment Share this story       Coronavirus has made some things difficult when working as a carer. However, it has also pulled us all together and has shown us, even more, that loving and caring for other people can also give yourself a sense of joy. The carers I work with agree that the most enjoyable thing about working in a care home is seeing the smiles on the resident’s faces.  ‘To see happiness and laughter in those you care for is the most rewarding thing about being a carer.’  As carers, our main goal is to make the residents lives happy and keep them safe. Care hom

Communication is key

 It’s over six weeks since I updated this blog.  I have thought about what to write many times.... so much to say, but where to start.     It has been an exceptionally busy week.  Our “visitors pod” in the form of a conservatory attached to the outside office has been built, just the floor to go down and then we can welcome visitors inside, just in time for the colder weather (despite a short heatwave being forecast for the next few days).  The last few days have been warm and calm, residents have been in the garden and it has been wonderful to see family visiting their loved ones - albeit socially distanced and wearing PPE.   Activities in the home continue and a highlight of my week is sharing the special moments from the week before with our residents families.  It is always a job I look forward to.  I sit with a cup of tea, going through all the images and videos from the previous 7 days, putting them into a video and what’s app'ing all of our residents loved ones.  I relive th