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To Visit or not to Visit.... that is the question..

First things first, the virtual tour with our MP two weeks ago went well.  I am delighted to report that he was able to spend over 1.5 hours with me (via video call), meeting staff and residents and seeing around our home.   I think I can say with certainty that he understood more of the challenges after the meeting than he did before the meeting.  We discussed; The admission of untested residents from hospitals at the start of the pandemic (although we took in no admissions we were asked to do so). The challenges of PPE and social distancing and how "one size" does not fit all when it comes to guidelines for care homes. The challenges specific to those living with dementia through the pandemic. PPE issues - some PPE which is not fit for purpose. End of Life visits The future of small privately run care homes Many of the issues we discussed do not have easy solutions, there is no magic wand but I really wanted to give him an understanding that a one size fits all ap

How to communicate?

I have not updated this blog for a little over a week, it feels longer! All our residents are fit, well, happy, loved and well cared for.  We remain in lock-down and our residents have not seen their family and loved ones for more than three months, I know that I speak for all carers, all over the country and probably world, when I say that although bonds between residents and carers were strong before the Covid-19 pandemic, but since lockdown our bonds have become even stronger, we have been cocooned with our residents, seeing them rather than our own parents and other family members and our residents have become part of our family.  I think of them before I got to sleep, when I wake in the night, and first thing in the morning (whilst also thinking about my husband and children). We continue to keep our residents busy with a variety of different activities.  I am honest with them all, telling them everything I am doing to keep them safe and keeping them updated as guidelines