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Drawing and Room Changes

Yesterday was another fun filled day.  Some of you had sent videos to show the residents, I can not thank you enough for these.  When I suggested that they were sent it I was worried it may upset some residents, infact this could not be further from the truth.  We are able to plug my phone into the large television screens and having the lounges filled with messages from family members really lifts everyones spirits. We also received letters from some local children, and a reply was composed which has been posted today.  A friend of Lime Tree Court had suggested a You Tube channel of a children's illustrator (Rob Biddulph) who does easy to follow drawing sessions.  Without telling the residents what we were actually going to do (and what we were going to draw) we ventured into the dining room, I held the iPad and Sharon and four residents attempted to draw a sausage dog.....  I wish you all could have seen the fun we had, so much laughing and so much fun, the pictures are of the

A normal day... according to the residents

Today's update is not from me.  It has been written by one of the carers.  She spoke to all the residents a couple of weeks ago about what a normal day is like for them.  She would like to stress that everything she has written is actually what the residents said to her.  I would like to thank all the residents who contributed to this, and also thank our resident writer and carer E.  So over to our residents. As the bread toasts and the kettle boils, the house wakes from its sleep. The curtains are pulled open and the sun pours into the bedrooms and sitting rooms. Another day at LTC begins.  After washing and dressing, we make our way to the sitting room and have our fill of coffee and toast. The TV is switched on and we watch the morning news whilst filling in the paper crossword. Homer and Bart wake too and they stretch their legs above their heads to release the sleep from their bodies. Homer wanders down to the sitting room in search of a lap. After finding a knee and

Wild Violets and Games of Catch

After the excitement of the weekend we have had a few lovely days.  Many residents have been enjoying the garden and Sharon organised an impromtu game of catch with some of the residents and carers yesterday (with very soft sponge balls). June sent a message to all teenage girls which she asked that I share - it is about to go on the LTC Facebook page. Food has arrived and our new contract is for future orders is in place.  Phew! Everyone is loved, happy and content and safely cocooned in our special home. Tomorrow I have a guest writer.... one of our wonderful carers has written "a day at LTC"   Which is comprised entirely of what the residents told her about living about LTC.  Watch this space. Keep safe, stay at home and know that your loved ones are safe and happy xx

You’ve missed a bit....

Today is Mother’s Day and I have just got home. Everyone working today was determined to make the day special for everyone, we were well aware that for many of the residents this would be their first Mother’s Day not seeing their children.  In addition to the residents, two carers would not being seeing their children as they were doing long shifts and many of us were not able to see our Mums today.  So, I was determined to make the day as special as possible for everyone - residents and carers alike. And wow, it was a great day.  It was bittersweet at times and their were many emotional moments.  All of the video messages that you had sent I had compiled into a 20 minute long video, we had messages, piano playing, trains, dogs, messages from abroad, village halls a horse in foal and it ended with a vicar saying prayers tailored specifically for our residents.  It was played many times throughout the day and every single resident was transfixed (particularly of the videos from chil

We've got Masks and Food... send us more video messages

Just a quick update, the main bit of news is that after a stressful 24 hours we have sorted out our food supply issues.  A massive thanks to Creed food service. The stock pile of Personal Protective Equipment is also being distributed and facemasks arrived yesterday.   Everyone is well and the residents are happy and content.  What has made an enormous difference to lifting spirits is receiving the video messages for the residents.  We have been showing the residents and the smiles have been heartwarming.  Messages from granchildren or younger family members seem to go down particularly well. So please keep sending them. Thank you as always for your support.

Every Little Helps...

There was more a buzz in the air today, partly because everyone was downstairs having recovered from the sickness bug, perhaps it was because both myself and Sharon were at LTC together, perhaps it was just because all our residents were feeling much more like themselves. I must start by saying everyone is well which is the most important thing.  As promised, Luna and Lottie came with me and both dogs always seem to lift everyone’s spirits.  Lottie does her normal sprint to the cat food and then goes forraging in the waste bins, which B,F and P did find amusing.  Luna takes a more leisurely approach.  She heads to whoever has a biscuit on their table, gazes at them and then slowly, ever so gently tries to steal a biscuit.  She then heads to see B who is partially sighted and she always spends more time with B just leaning against her and having some special time together.  Lottie heads for D for a cuddle.    After spending a few hours with the residents they spent a while on squirrel

A moment of calm

So, a few months ago I thought I would start a blog on an anonymous basis about the challenges of owning a care home with the aim to be as honest as possible.  With the current challenges in relation to Covid19 this blog is going to take a different direction....  The link to this blog is today being sent to all the families of residents who live in my care home. I had to take difficult decision to close to all visitors this morning, and I am hoping that by updating this blog at least a couple of times a week our residents family members will feel better connected to the what is happening at LTC. It is worth saying that although this blog is no longer anonymous as you know who I am, I will not be sharing any resident specific information.  As this blog is public there will be no photos of residents, these will be sent separately. LTC had a feeling of calm reflection today.  Obviously for the staff this was the start of a new normal - one with no visitors, and although many of t