Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wild Violets and Games of Catch

After the excitement of the weekend we have had a few lovely days.  Many residents have been enjoying the garden and Sharon organised an impromtu game of catch with some of the residents and carers yesterday (with very soft sponge balls).

June sent a message to all teenage girls which she asked that I share - it is about to go on the LTC Facebook page.

Food has arrived and our new contract is for future orders is in place.  Phew!

Everyone is loved, happy and content and safely cocooned in our special home.

Tomorrow I have a guest writer.... one of our wonderful carers has written "a day at LTC"   Which is comprised entirely of what the residents told her about living about LTC.  Watch this space.

Keep safe, stay at home and know that your loved ones are safe and happy

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  Sun was streaming into the home last Wednesday.     The carers were busy (as always, there is never any down time when working in care).  ...