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Track and Trace, Testing and NHS. Support

Just a quick update.  BBC News is on, it is all about care homes.  Here is my perspective in relation to the three items on everyone’s lips, but in relation to our care home; 1.  Track and Trace  - this has HUGE impacts for us.  Currently, if a staff member becomes symptomatic they self isolate, and are tested.  With track and trace, ALL staff who have worked with that person would need to sel-isolate, and presumably residents would go into quarantine?  That is hugely problematic with a small workforce, and would essentially mean we would not have enough staff for the business.  Many other Care Homes are in the same position, we have been asking these questions for a few days, I keep getting the same answers “Oh, that is a good question”.  I presume that my risk assessments, because we wear PPE at all times, mean we would not all have to self isolate with no symptoms - remember all staff and residents have temperature checks daily.  This is yet another example of policy being put in

Our Garden...

The garden has always been a tranquil, calm oasis.  But this spring it has become even more important to our residents and staff. Like all gardens in the UK, right now, it is at it's peak.  Nearly all the residents have been in the garden most days.  Some of the residents have helped the carers and our amazing T, who is in charge of the garden.   T is also S's Dad - you see our home really is a family affair!  One resident in particular waits for T to arrive and rushes outside to be his assistant (at 91 years old she is incredibly sprightly).  Another resident enjoys sitting with an iPad watching messages from his family.  We even had a visit of peking bantam chicks this week in the garden which all the residents loved - families you will see the pictures later this week. We have chosen the plants, the bronze ducks on the lawn, the metal owl on the post.  T has put in place some incredible hanging baskets and the memorial bed with the rare Sorbus is surrounded by colour.  W

A busy week

The last week has been a busy one,  for VE Day the home was decked with flags and bunting.  It was a day of reflection, singing, memories being shared, Zoom calls, and a very special afternoon tea. The weekend was calm and relaxed.  In the last 48 hours we have all chosen our favourite songs for our "Desert Island Discs" playlist.  The residents have shared their memories with each other, and I will share these will our residents families.   I continue to lead chair based exercises and I have been so impressed with the improvements in strength of many of the residents.   We used exercise bands yesterday and even did some quite energetic standing exercises.  The garden continues to bring so much joy.  Our residents have even expanded their knowledge of technology today, we created our first tiktok dance, I think I was the least co-ordinated.    A local farmer dropped of asparagus which had been picked a few hours earlier, we will be enjoying that tomorrow.  Today on "

A week is a long time

There is a lot of talk at the moment about resilience, and there is no better proof of this than how we have all adapted to life in PPE, and facemasks in particular. I can not lie and say that it has not had a negative impact on some residents lives, but in a week residents (and staff) have got used to them.  The sad fact remains though that for some of our most vulnerable residents, by wearing facemasks our ability to communicate, calm and reassure has been reduced.  But, I remain committed to ensuring their safety and the safety of our staff. Perhaps the weather improving has also helped, but in the last seven days smiles have returned on the faces of residents.  The garden is being loved by all, and earlier in the week two of our male residents had the most in-depth chat about how old they both were (they were both out by about 20 years) and how they used to like paddling in a stream.  Both of these residents don't normally have long conversations with each other, perhaps it

Testing Times

The start of this week was glorious, in more ways than just the weather.  Residents and staff were used to a new normal, laughter and sunshine were abundant.  The weekend was relaxed yet busy.  One resident was busy gardening, some others were drawing (we love "Draw with Rob" on you tube), face times, and general quiet one on one chats between residents and staff. Sadly behind the scenes things were about to change...  Guidance from PHE, NHS,, CQC is constant, if I take my eye off the ball for one day I have literally pages of guidance to read.   The guidance is being rewritten daily and there are no "version" numbers, and previous versions are deleted (read into that what you will).  Over the weekend I had a number of conversations with PHE about facemasks, PHE agreed the guidelines were inconsistent but advised in the near futures facemasks would need to be worn at all times to ensure the safety of our residents from Covid19 transmission from sta