Friday, May 15, 2020

A busy week

The last week has been a busy one,  for VE Day the home was decked with flags and bunting.  It was a day of reflection, singing, memories being shared, Zoom calls, and a very special afternoon tea.

The weekend was calm and relaxed.  In the last 48 hours we have all chosen our favourite songs for our "Desert Island Discs" playlist.  The residents have shared their memories with each other, and I will share these will our residents families.  

I continue to lead chair based exercises and I have been so impressed with the improvements in strength of many of the residents.   We used exercise bands yesterday and even did some quite energetic standing exercises.  The garden continues to bring so much joy.  Our residents have even expanded their knowledge of technology today, we created our first tiktok dance, I think I was the least co-ordinated.    A local farmer dropped of asparagus which had been picked a few hours earlier, we will be enjoying that tomorrow.  Today on "Zoom" our residents joined in my daughters singing lesson, thank you to the singing teacher for making it possible.

Whilst all this has been going on Care homes and the impact of Covid 19 has continued to make news headlines.   The headlines make distressing reading, for everyone working in social care, and all the residents who insist on watching the news and reading their newspapers (and oh how I wish I could ban the Daily Mail entirely....).  All I want to say is that much of the information contained in the news is incorrect, government briefings are misleading the public in terms of support that is available.

So far we have remained Covid free.  I believe that is because of a number of factors;  We "locked down" to all visitors earlier than advised.  We have a relatively small, local and stable workforce and we never use agency staff.  I sourced PPE early and have ensured that I have enough to cope with ongoing demands, we are on top of all infection control processes.  In addition to this, over six weeks ago I asked to admit new residents from hospital who would not have been tested, despite significant premiums in terms of rates this was something that I did not do as I had committed to residents. their families and staff that I would do everything in my power to ensure their safety.

I am very clear that the risk remains of Covid 19 infection and I continue to do everything in my power to avoid the possibility of it entering the home.

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  1. I love reading your blog Melissa. you are doing such a great job. I know from talking to the manager of my Mum's care home about the challenges that you are all up against. I hope that now the profile of care homes will be raised and the government will be more supportive. They say they will, lets just see. Your residents are very lucky to have you in charge. x



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