Sunday, March 22, 2020

You’ve missed a bit....

Today is Mother’s Day and I have just got home.

Everyone working today was determined to make the day special for everyone, we were well aware that for many of the residents this would be their first Mother’s Day not seeing their children.  In addition to the residents, two carers would not being seeing their children as they were doing long shifts and many of us were not able to see our Mums today.  So, I was determined to make the day as special as possible for everyone - residents and carers alike.

And wow, it was a great day.  It was bittersweet at times and their were many emotional moments.  All of the video messages that you had sent I had compiled into a 20 minute long video, we had messages, piano playing, trains, dogs, messages from abroad, village halls a horse in foal and it ended with a vicar saying prayers tailored specifically for our residents.  It was played many times throughout the day and every single resident was transfixed (particularly of the videos from children).   It really did bring so much pleasure.  Thank you.  At one point I looked around the lounge and J on side and D on the other side of L were holding hands together, supporting each other .  The home looks incredible with the many flowers which M spent a few hours arranging in vases of different shapes and sizes.

All cards were opened with the residents and are in their rooms or in the lounges.  The pots for the patio are wonderful and some are already in place (more about that later)...

Some of you who dropped things off in person were able to see your loved one through the windows and at times that was bittersweet, I know I was not alone fighting back tears, and I know for many of you it was emotional too.  Thank you for the tins of fruit and for the chocolates that you sent in.  After a few hours of excitement lunch was a little subdued if I am honest, for those who understand the current situation I think some realization set in about when they may next see you all.

The video messages were such a success that I would like to continue them.  Now I know how to use the video software and we have an easy way to show them on the TV screen please consider sending me a message and I will compile them every weekend (please limit to one a week ideally or my phone may blow up ;)

In the afternoon I decided that the lawn really needed mowing.  I started and then thought it was such a shame that the residents were not with me.  With a little gentle encouragement many residents came in the garden, wrapped up warm in shawls and blankets.  What a lovely afternoon.  They laughed at my bad mowing (“You’ve missed a bit....”), told me where to move the garden furniture and we

rearranged some of the pots, discussed the flowers and trees and spotted different birds.  They really really appreciated the spring sunshine and the mood lifted considerably.  Some residents had a manicure in the sun.

So all in all, we gave them the best day we possibly could, made even better by all of your wonderful support and the many gifts, cards, videos and FaceTime messages.

Tomorrow our new food supplier delivers our first food supply.... I have not had confirmation of the final order that I made over the phone but I have been told that anything I don’t want I can send back.  Luckily my husband spotted that I had ordered a lot of Angel Delight.  I was frustrated when he commented on this and told him “Yes, well we get through a lot of Angel Delight”. He’s an accountant and calmly pointed out that the 12 packets of angel delight in every flavor were in fact 12 lots of 90 packets of Angel Delight, enough to feed every resident angel delight for about 7 years.  I corrected that mistake but who knows what till turn up in the lorry tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

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