Monday, March 30, 2020

Drawing and Room Changes

Yesterday was another fun filled day.  Some of you had sent videos to show the residents, I can not thank you enough for these.  When I suggested that they were sent it I was worried it may upset some residents, infact this could not be further from the truth.  We are able to plug my phone into the large television screens and having the lounges filled with messages from family members really lifts everyones spirits.

We also received letters from some local children, and a reply was composed which has been posted today.  A friend of Lime Tree Court had suggested a You Tube channel of a children's illustrator (Rob Biddulph) who does easy to follow drawing sessions.  Without telling the residents what we were actually going to do (and what we were going to draw) we ventured into the dining room, I held the iPad and Sharon and four residents attempted to draw a sausage dog.....  I wish you all could have seen the fun we had, so much laughing and so much fun, the pictures are of the finished results.

Without visitors we are ensuring that we keep everyone's spirits lifted.  We are actively limiting the amount of time the news is on (whilst ensuring that residents who want to see the news see it during the day) and we have been enjoying "Are you being served" and when I left last night "Jane Eyre" was being enjoyed by all.

Sharon and I spent yesterday moving some residents rooms, some of this was necessary to meet residents changing needs in terms of mobility but it has meant that we have a spare room at the side of the house, should we need it for quarantine purposes.  I hope that this will not happen, but I need to prepare for every eventuality.

As mentioned before we have received our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and have reviewed our infection control processes incase we have an outbreak.  I am committed to ensure the safety of residents and staff.  Support from Public Health England and our CCG (Clinical commissioning group) has been high and we will shortly receive a fully set up laptop for remote consultations with our GP (it has a camera functionality).  This will be welcome as we no longer have a weekly GP visit (although he is available weekly for phone consultations).  These laptops are being provided fully configured with an NHS consulting system for communicating with medical professionals.  

The staff have been amazing but they are fully aware that if they have even the slightest symptoms they need to follow self isolation protocols.  In this respect I have ensured that we have staffing plans in place to cover any reduction in staff.

I am painfully aware that as you are unable to visit I am representing all of you,  rest assured that I take this role with the utmost seriousness.  Myself, Sharon, and all of the staff, are doing everything in our power to keep your loved ones safe.

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