Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Zoom... it worked!

This week has been all about “Zoom”.  In the last 48 hours I have had a crash course in how to use video conferencing.  After Mother’s Day I saw how much joy our residents got from seeing their family members on the big screen, and was determined to build on that.  Our residents may not be able to see their loved ones in person but I am committed to ensuring we find as many possible ways for our residents to see their family members - even if that is on a screen.

This week I decided to give “Zoom” a go.  With a handy cable which connects an Ipad to the TV I was able to project the iPad screen on the large TV.

Thank you to all of you, most of you I know were new to Zoom.  Yesterday the residents enjoyed a chair based exercise class which was joined by two family members.  

Today everyone enjoyed a nursery rhyme competition, a couple of jokes and a good old sing song, made so much more enjoyable by having nine different sets of people joining in, and all our residents being able to see their loved ones’ faces on the screens.

The sessions were such a success we will be doing them every week from now on.  More details will be sent separately.

As I left Lime Tree court today two huge bunches of flowers were delivered.  We have one resident in particular who LOVES arranging flowers, so tomorrow the home will look glorious, and that is in addition to the vegetable seeds that were being planted by L with some of the residents.

With love from everyone at Lime Tree Court.

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