Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Every Little Helps...

There was more a buzz in the air today, partly because everyone was downstairs having recovered from the sickness bug, perhaps it was because both myself and Sharon were at LTC together, perhaps it was just because all our residents were feeling much more like themselves.

I must start by saying everyone is well which is the most important thing.  As promised, Luna and Lottie came with me and both dogs always seem to lift everyone’s spirits.  Lottie does her normal sprint to the cat food and then goes forraging in the waste bins, which B,F and P did find amusing.  Luna takes a more leisurely approach.  She heads to whoever has a biscuit on their table, gazes at them and then slowly, ever so gently tries to steal a biscuit.  She then heads to see B who is partially sighted and she always spends more time with B just leaning against her and having some special time together.  Lottie heads for D for a cuddle.    After spending a few hours with the residents they spent a while on squirrel watch in the dining room (with the new bird feeder which was dropped off yesterday from by one residents family).   Dog news over!

In other news, P and J met near the stairs and discussed how P had an MBE and how J’s husband also had an MBE and a discussion ensued about meeting the Queen.  After tea I led a chair based exercise session to our hand picked play list, and sung along together.  We finished just in time to hear the school closure announcement.... which I am sure will impact many of our staff (although we fall into the bracket of emergency workers or whatever the title is, so staff should be able to keep children at school).

 I am conscious that it is Mother’s Day this weekend and in this respect I know that it may be difficult for a great many of you not being able to visit your family.  I will be there on Sunday, so I will report back on Sunday.    I am also going to try to encourage other staff members to write some of the updates, watch this space!

In this respect I had an idea this morning, Incase any of you were thinking of gifts for your family members...  I brought in today one of the posh plant magazines (Sarah Raven) - many of our residents enjoyed looking at the plants together and choosing some favorites.  I will get a list together, but I have a number of empty pots that need planting.  It would be lovely if any of you wanted to plant a pot and deliver it with a message for your loved one.  They could be lined up along the patio and I am sure everyone would enjoy seeing them come out to flower.  I am desperate to get the residents in the  garden as much a possible.  If you want to fill a pot, they are outside the front door.

Well I have written more than I planned.  In other news Sharon and I spent quite a while working out what to do with possible staffing shortages, that is work in progress.

And then there is Tesco’s.... “Every little helps”.... or not in our case.  We do two weekly shops, I do one online for the majority of our food via Tesco.  Sharon does the other later in the week.  Our meat is from the local butcher and dairy is from the milkman.  The weekly shop as you can imagine is large, we are feeding 20.  We get through a lot of tins of fruit, squash, pudding rice, biscuits etc etc.  And now we are limited to two of every item.  I have tried tweeting Tesco, I have tried calling.  I have tried everything.  If anyone has a friend in Tesco who may be able to help please let me know.  To actually do the shop in person (aside from the quantity issue and not being able to buy 8 tins of fruit, 8 packets of weetabix, 12 tubs of clover) takes over 2 hours, which in the current climate isn’t possible.  So, if any of you have clout with Tesco’s please let me know.  The other option is that I send my 16 year old to do the shopping.... sadly she won’t need the time to revise for her GCSE’s ;(

Right, I am going to end now.  Apologies for spelling mistakes.  Too tired to proof read right now.

As ever, know that everyone is well, loved and cared for.

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