Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A moment of calm

So, a few months ago I thought I would start a blog on an anonymous basis about the challenges of owning a care home with the aim to be as honest as possible.  With the current challenges in relation to Covid19 this blog is going to take a different direction....  The link to this blog is today being sent to all the families of residents who live in my care home.

I had to take difficult decision to close to all visitors this morning, and I am hoping that by updating this blog at least a couple of times a week our residents family members will feel better connected to the what is happening at LTC.

It is worth saying that although this blog is no longer anonymous as you know who I am, I will not be sharing any resident specific information.  As this blog is public there will be no photos of residents, these will be sent separately.

LTC had a feeling of calm reflection today.  Obviously for the staff this was the start of a new normal - one with no visitors, and although many of the residents did not actually know what was different, they clearly knew something was different.  I ensured that I spent time with all the residents and for those who had the capacity to understand we spoke about how their loved ones would not be able to visit for a while.  Some of the residents had already been sent messages from family members, and so myself and other staff were able to read messages to them and assist with iPad replies.

I spent some time sorting through the infection control processes, I set up boxes in each bedroom containing all the relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ensured all carers were aware of the process.  You may be aware that there is a shortage of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.  I am pleased to say we have plenty of gloves, and a guardian angel who has asked to remain anonymous kindly provided me with some masks for all the staff.  Hand sanitizers are out of stock but we are assured that Public Health England are on it....  Whilst sorting out the boxes some of the residents enjoyed counting to ten in French, German and a bit of Russian and Japanese.  We then had fun discussing whether President Mugabe is from Yorkshire (can you work out why he is??).  Resident N got it straight away and was giggling to herself.  Resident O was enjoying FaceTiming with her family in France and Resident J was delighted to receive a package from her family with a bird feeder for the dining room window (it is already set up).

Lunch was sausage plait and homemade coleslaw with Bakewell tart which everyone seemed to enjoy.

I then had a little bit of furniture moving around, do you approve of the new arrangement by the downstairs loo?  

In the afternoon some of the residents listened to the Government briefing. Things were rather quiet and subdued.  But things brightened up when I found a packet of After Eights in the outdoor office.    Later on I went to the surgery to pick up some residents prescriptions and saw the residents GP, and was able to have a quick catch up and check with I’m that our infection control process are correct..

All the residents and staff are well, long may it last.  I know I speak for all of the residents when I send you their love.  Stay safe..

PS. I was instructed that Lottie and Luna have to come tomorrow,it may be their last visit for a while, but I am hoping their visits will lift some spirits tomorrow.

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