Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Weekend - it was a busy one

I sat watching the news last night, and the current statistics are that more than 13% of care homes in the UK have a Covid19 outbreak (which is defined as two or more residents with confirmed cases).

I am pleased to say that everyone at LTC is well and we have no suspected cases.   We continue to follow stringent infection control processes and have PPE.  All staff, and any critical visitors (eg. district nurses) have their temperature checked at the start of every shift.

In terms of the last four days, we have kept everyone busy.  The glorious sunshine helped no end and many residents enjoyed the garden.  We were all excited to report that we have blue tits nesting in the bird box at the end of the garden.

We have had Zoom calls with families - Name that Tune and an Easter Quiz (sadly the residents lost 23-21 to the families, but we will look forward to another competition soon)...

Many of you face-timed and sent video messages which of course the residents loved.  On Easter Sunday we had an easter treasure hunt.  Every resident had a personalised clue which took them to another location to the next clue.  It was lovely to see some of the residents reading out the clues to other residents and then helping each other search out a clue.

The final clue at 4pm read "Part 1 - Your Dad's Dad (Formal), Part 2 - I have a face but no eyes, and arms but no hands".  The stash of Easter eggs were discovered at 4pm.  The residents are still enjoying the chocolate....

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